Investing has always been a challenge. It is only possible to understand the relevant science behind the investment structuring process once we understand that investing is also an art.

Courses List

CFA/FRM/PRM Actuarial Sciences Analytics
CFA Level 1 ACET Advanced EXCEL
CFA Level 2 CT1 - Financial Mathematics VBA MACROS
FRM Part 1 CT3 - Probability Dashboards
FRM Part 2 CT4 - Models SPSS
PRM CT8 - Financial Economics Predictive Modeling

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Finance Investment Risk Management
Finance for Non Finance Financial Modeling - Equity Market Risk Models
Quantitative Methods for Finance Project Finance Model Credit Risk Models
Financial Statements Analysis Financial Calculations - MS EXCEL Operations Risk Models
Understanding Derivatives Fixed Income Valuation Financial Risk Management
Corporate Finance Portfolio Management Financial Engineering
Actuarial Trainings
Dec 2015 ACET Exam(IAI)
Sep/Oct 2015 CT 1/ExamFM
Oct 2015 CT 2(IAI)
Sep/Oct 2015 CT 3/ExamP
Oct 2015 CT 4(IAI)
Sep/Oct 2015 CT 5
Sep/Oct 2015 CT 6
Sep/Oct 2015 CT 7
Oct 2015 CT 8(IAI)

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