What is SPSS

IBM SPSS Statistics is a highly powerful Statistics based tool for Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Web Analytics and Predictive Analytics. Though the SPSS full form is Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, it is heavily used in other verticals as well, including the health sciences and marketing. With a highly user friendly menu driven interface, it gives an opportunity to cover numerous data analysis tools and make effective decisions and conclusions based on data. SPSS is one of the very few Statistical Analytics tools which has a lot of credibility in the research industry. A sizeable number of data analytics companies across the world are using SPSS Software for performing Statistical Data Analysis. This Statistical analysis software delivers the core capabilities you need to take the analytical process from start to finish


➤Get a good Understanding of basic to intermediate to advanced features of SPSS.

➤Understand the context in which each of the statistics tools need to be used

➤Get a hold on Built-in techniques to prepare data for analysis quickly and easily.

➤Develop expertise in different methods of Data Analysis Techniques, Predictive Models, Forecasting tools

➤Develop proficiency in advanced analytics techniques which give an edge over your peers

➤Conquer the mystery of Predictive Modeling - One of the buzzwords of today's career industry

➤Predict with confidence what will happen next so that you can make smarter decisions, solve problems and improve outcomes


Having a strong Understanding of IBM SPSS Statistics Software creates career opportunities in Market Research, Data Analysis, Predictive Modeling, Financial Analytics, Marketing Analytics and other Business Analytics domains. This statistical analysis software has applications across various business verticals and careers involving Data driven Management and decision making will be a right fit for the IBM SPSS Statistics experts.


Very basic Understanding of statistics is preferred. Participants unaware of the basics can also attend the SPSS tutorial as it starts from the basic.

Basic Statistics using SPSS


Key Topics


Data Entry, Data Editor, Basic Calculations, Recoding, Missing values, Split file, Weighted Cases, Using EXCEL Data

Descriptive Statistics

Data Entry, Frequencies, Descriptives, Cross Tabs, Exploratory, Custom Tables

Visual Statistics

Chart Builder, Histograms, Box Plots, Bar Charts, Cluster Bar, Stacked Bar, Error bar, Line charts, Pie charts, Editing graphs and Axes

Statistical Testing

Parametric vs. Non parametric, Logic, Confidence Intervals, Power of the test, Normal Curve, Normality Test, Homogeneity of variance, Bootstrapping


One Sample, Independent Sample, Paired Sample

Analysis of variance

General linear Model, Key Terms, Uni-variate, Multivariate, Repeated Measures, Contrasts, Multiple pairwise comparisons, Main effects, conditional means

Non Parametric Tests

Mann Whitney U test, Wilcoxon Signed ranks test, Kruskal Wallis Test, Friedman Test

Chi square Test

Test of Independence, 2x2 Cross tabulation, Layered cross tab, Goodness of fit

Linear Correlation and Regression

Pearson Correlation, Spearman Correlation, Kendall Tau B, Scatter Plots, Partial correlation, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression

Advanced Analysis

Factor Analysis, Reliability Analysis, Cronbach Alpha

SPSS Training offered by P.A.C.E explains in detail how to use SPSS for various Data Analysis procedures. Our SPSS Tutorial uses SPSS Software version 20 and covers the following course contents.

SPSS Training course content


'Learn what is SPSSs on SPSS latest version with practical approach by using Data sets for Data Analytics and Predictive Analytics.

'Learn SPSS for Understanding Data analysis techniques with a customized case study.

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People working in or aspiring to work with market researchers, health researchers, survey companies, government, education researchers, marketing organizations, data miners can differentiate themselves by learning IBM SPSS.

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