Financial Risk the most important risk related to other risks like Business risk and Non-Business risk out of the three major risks that an organization could face. Financial Risk Management can be either Qualitative or Quantitative in order to Identify, Measure, plan Remedies and assess Exposure to risks like Credit Risk, Liquidity Risk, Market Risk, Operational Risk and Inflation risk of an organization.

Risk management practice requires critically assessing risk management reports, research on market movements, manage debt and optimizing risk in accordance to organizations financial leverage. Financial Risk Manager a key resource of an organization who creates guidelines for risk-takers that needs to be followed while analyzing investments.

Different courses are designed to help you explore varied possibilities of preventing greater risk, larger losses, creating effective Models to mitigate risk.


Advanced Credit Risk Management

Understanding Credit Risk Management

Financial Risk Management Introduction

Portfolio Management/Optimization

Portfolio Modeling using EXCEL and VBA

Quantitative Methods for Managers

Quantitative Methods for Healthcare Management


Financial Derivatives Indepth - EXCEL

Option Pricing – Introduction

Option Pricing – Advanced

Understanding Credit Derivatives

Hedging with Option Greeks – EXCEL

Option Pricing Models – EXCEL and VBA


Market Risk Models

Credit Risk Modeling with R and EXCEL

Operations Risk Models

Actuarial Models for Life Insurance


Financial Engineering – Basic

Econometrics using EXCEL

Faculty Profile

Approach towards Risk Management Trainings and Consulting:

Understand the need and requirement of training.

Creating a customized case study by collecting the necessary inputs from the organization.

Line up a mutually acceptable training schedule.

Thereof, conducting the training program for the duration and concepts agreed upon.

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