Predictive Analytics using EXCEL


Key Topics



Linear Regression

Correlation and Regression, Charting the Relationship, Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient, Simple Regression, Array-Entering LINEST(),Multiple Regression, Assumptions Made, Excel’s Regression Tool, Data Analysis Add-In

Forecasting – Moving Averages

Signal and Noise, Smoothing Versus Tracking, Weighted and Unweighted Moving Averages, Mean Absolute Deviation, Least Squares, Moving Average Tool


Exponential Smoothing, Exponential Smoothing Tool, Smoothing Constant, Using Solver, Linear Baselines with Trend, First Differencing, Holt’s Linear Exponential Smoothing


Linear Regression, Using the LINEST() Function, Forecasting with Auto regression, Adjusting the Autocorrelation Formula, Using ACFs, Understanding PACFs

Logistic Regression

Traditional Approaches, Z-tests and the Central Limit Theorem, Using Chi-Square, Regression Analysis on Dichotomies, Homoscedasticity, Probabilities and Odds, Predicting Purchase Behavior, Calculation of Logit or Log Odds, Statistical Tests in Logistic Regression, Results of Different Models

Principal Component Analysis

Understanding Relationships, Maximizing Variance, Matrices, Matrix Inverses, and Identity Matrices, Correlation Matrix’s Inverse, Matrix Inverses and Beta Coefficients, Singular Matrices, Using Eigenvalues, Component Eigenvectors, Factor Loadings, Factor Score Coefficients, Rotating Axes

ARIMA Models

Rationale, Notation, Stages in ARIMA Analysis, Identification Stage, AR Process, MA Process, Differencing in ARIMA Analysis, Standard Errors in Correlograms, White Noise and Diagnostic Checking, Identifying Seasonal Models, Estimating the Parameters, Exponential Smoothing

Varimax Factor Rotation

Rotating Factors, Structure of Principal Components and Factors Charting Records on Rotated Factors

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➤Customized Training using Data sets in a case study model.

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Based on the syllabus, contents and other requirements for the corporate training, scope with detailed inclusions and exclusions along with the fee will be shared.