Financial management using EXCEL


Key Topics

Time Value of Money

Present Value and Future value of Single cash flow, Annuity, Formulas and arguments in EXCEL, Net Present value (NPV), Nominal Rate, Real Rate, Discounting, Loan Amortization Schedule, Sensitivity Analysis

Bond Valuation

Annual Payments, EAR and APR, Yield To Maturity, System of Five Bond Variables, EXCEL Formulas

Cost of Capital

Static CAPM, Fama-MacBeth Method, Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT)

Stock Valuation

Dividend Discount Model

Firm and Project Valuation

Cash Flows, Adjusted Present Value, Free Cash Flow To Equity, Free Cash Flow to the Firm, Dividend Discount Model, Residual Income, Equivalent Methods

Yield Curve

Treasury Bills and Strips, Price A Coupon Bond, Determine Forward Rates, Dynamic Chart

Capital Budgeting

Forecasting Cash Flows, Working Capital, Sensitivity Analysis, Cost reducing project, Break even analysis

Corporate Financial Planning

Actual, Forecast, Cash Flow, Ratios, Sensitivity, Full-Scale Estimation, Life cycle financial planning

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Based on the syllabus, contents and other requirements for the corporate training, scope with detailed inclusions and exclusions along with the fee will be shared.