Finance for Non Finance Professionals Training provides an introduction to accounting and finance. It is aimed primarily at participants who are not specialists in accounting or finance but who need an Understanding of the world of accounting and Finance because of the added responsibility as they grow up in the career chain. The training program does not focus on the in-depth technical aspects, but rather examines the basic principles and underlying concepts, and the ways in which accounting statements and financial information can be used to improve the quality of decision making. It is helpful for managers as well as executives looking forward to jump into the financial world. This can be treated as one of the basic courses in Finance which will create a path for jumping into more and advanced domains like Financial Modeling, Equity Valuation, Derivatives, Risk Management etc.


➣Speak the language of finance, Understanding terms such as budgeting, forecasting, working capital, triple bottom line reporting, etc.

➣Understand the roles of accounting and Finance

➣Needs of main users of Financial Information

➣Financial Accounting vs. Management Accounting

➣Understand the Major Financial Statements - Income Statement, Balance sheet and cash flow statement

➣Get an overview of different accounting conventions used

➣Interpretation of different financial statements

➣Perform thorough business analysis using different ratios and Understand their limitations

➣Master the art of Cost analysis, Activity based costing, Break even analysis, Marginal Analysis, Master Budget as well as various other supporting budgets preparation, Variation Analysis and other important areas of Management accounting

➣Evaluate the Investment decision making process and various tools available for Investment analysis

➣Understanding working capital in depth

➣Learn different ways of raising capital and how capital structure plays an important role in the performance of the company

➣Develop decision making skills using financial techniques

➣Integrate financial information with other business functions

➣Communicate and work more effectively with financial professionals


There are four broader areas covered as a part of the Finance for Non Finance training offered by P.A.C.E gurus

➤Basics of accounting and Finance

➤Understanding Financial Accounting

➤Understanding Management Accounting

➤Finance Management


This program highlights methods to determine the financial viability and impact of business decisions. The Case study used for this training facilitates the participants to develop a working knowledge of the different financial topics and to be comfortable discussing financial decisions.

course curriculum

Understanding Financial Statements Financial Reporting Overview Understanding GAAP and IFRS Evaluating Financial Position
Cash Flow Statements Balance Sheet and Income Statement Annual Reports Financial Statements Evaluation
Common Size Analysis Trend Analysis Ratio Analysis Dupont Analysis
Tracking Life cycle of the company interpreting financial position of the company Management Accounting Cost Volume Profit Analysis
Budgeting Financial Management Capital Investment Decisions NPV,IRR,PI, Payback period
Time Value of Money and Capital Rationing Managing Working Capital Raising Capital Financial Markets and Instruments


People who are thinking of assuming higher roles and responsibilities in the organization, individuals looking at doing long term or short term courses in Finance, investment banking courses, or any other banking and finance courses in India or elsewhere can look at this program as the first step in getting a basic overview of the accounting and Finance domains. Even people who are thinking to pursue MBA Finance or Diploma in Finance or any other certification courses in Finance like CFA, FRM, CFP or any other masters in Finance can find this as an introductory course.


Participants are not expected to have any formal accounting experience.

Faculty profile


Based on the syllabus, contents and other requirements for the corporate training, scope with detailed inclusions and exclusions along with the fee will be shared.