Key Topics


Object models, Visual Basic Editor, Developer tab, Project Explorer, Modules, Exporting and importing objects, Code Windows, Customizing the VBE Environment

Macro Recorder

Relative or absolute recording, Recording options, Cleaning up recorded macros

Object Model

Object hierarchy, Collections, Object properties, Object methods Useful Application Properties, Range Object (Range,C ells, offset)

Programming Fundamentals

Overview, Comments, Variables, Data Types, and Constants, Scoping variables, Assignment, Arrays ( Uni-dimensional, Multi-dimensional, Dynamic), Object Variables, Built-in Functions

Loops and Controls

With-End With, For Each-Next, GoTo statements, If-Then constructs, Select Case constructs

Working with Sub procedures

Declaring, Scoping, Execution Modes, Passing arguments, Error Handling, Debugging, Testing, case study

Working with Functions

Sub Procedures versus Function, Need to create custom functions, Scope, Arguments, Testing, Optional Arguments, Debugging, Insert Function Dialog Box, Add-ins to Store Custom Functions, Examples

Important examples & Functions

Working with ranges, Working with workbooks and worksheets, FileExists, FileNameOnly, RangeNameExists, SheetExists, WorkbookIsOpen

Basic Dialog Boxes

Input Box, MsgBox Function, GetOpenFilename Method, Prompting for a Directory, Displaying Excel's Built-In Dialog Boxes

User Forms

New UserForm, Check Box, Combo Box, Command Button, Frame, Image, Label, List Box, Option Button, RefEdit, Scroll Bar, Spin Button, Text Box, Toggle Button, Adjusting a Control's Properties, Displaying a UserForm, Examples, UserForm Events, Customizing the Toolbox

Advanced usage

Pivot Tables, Charts, EXCEL Events, Interacting with other applications, Add-ins

Faculty Profile


➣Customized Training using case study model. EXCEL Macros, EXCEL formulas and EXCEL Templates will be given more importance.

FEES for Corporates

Based on the syllabus, contents and other requirements for the corporate training, scope with detailed inclusions and exclusions along with the fee will be shared.