Operational Dashboards using EXCEL


Key Topics


Dashboards, Dashboards vs. Scorecards, Challenges, General Rules, Visualizing Data, Excel Charting Techniques, Excel vs. Large BI Systems, Advantages and Disadvantages, When to Use Excel

Text Based Dashboards

Conditional Formats, Conditional Color Formatting, In-Cell Charts with Text, Creating Data Bars, Conditional Icons

Custom Formats

Combining Numbers, Text, and Dates to Create Custom Labels, Time and Data Calculations, Scaling Numbers with Formatting, Creating Custom Titles and Floating Text, Creating New Color Palettes, Creating Custom Data Labels

Changing Data

Using Tables, Dynamic Range Name, Named Ranges, Creating Dynamic Charts, INDEX and MATCH to retrieve data, Keyword to Retrieve and Chart Data, Drop-Down Selection List, Retrieving Multiple Rows, Two-Way Lookup

Miniature Charts

Creating Miniature Charts, Removing Titles, Grid Lines, and Legends, Formatting the axes, Formatting Multiple Miniature Charts, Sparklines, Camera Tool

Form Controls

Combo Boxes, Lists, Check Boxes, Multiple Combo Boxes and More, Dynamic Cascading Combo Boxes, Option Buttons, Displaying or Hiding Data with a Check Box, Scrolling Charts through Time with a Slider Bar

Pivot Tables

Using PivotTable Results in Dashboards, Drilling Down to Detail, Internal or External Data, Dynamically Retrieving Data from a PivotTable

Power Pivot

Basic PowerPivot Concepts, Downloading and Installing, Connecting to Data, PivotTables or PivotCharts, Calculating Fields with Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

Trend Forecasting

Smoothing Erratic Data (Simple, Weighted and Exponential Moving Averages), Analysis ToolPak, Forecasting Trends, Target Values, Charting Alerts with Conditional Colors, Visual Indicator, Top/Bottom n, Quartiles

Decision Making Charts

Box-and-Whisker Plot, Bullet Charts, Pareto Charts, Variance Charts, Gantt Charts, Control Charts

Faculty Profile

FEES for Corporates

Based on the syllabus, contents and other requirements for the corporate training, scope with detailed inclusions and exclusions along with the fee will be shared.