➣All classes by Faculty - Mr. Vamsidhar Ambatipudi (IIMI, FRM(GARP), PRM, FIAI + ST 9 (Enterprise Risk Management).

➣CFA Level 2 Subject wise Training Videos.

➣Detailed list for duration of topics covered in CFA training videos given below.

Alternate Investments - 7.6 Hours Equity Investments - 10 Hours
Corporate Finance - 6.7 Hours Portfolio Management - 4 Hours
FINANCIAL REPORTING AND ANALYSIS - 9 Hours Quantitative Methods - 5.3 Hours
Economics - 3 Hours Fixed Income - 7 Hours
Derivatives - 6.4 Hours Ethics - 4 Hours


'Study Session 1: Ethical and Professional Standards

'Study Session 2: Ethical and Professional Standards: Application

'Study Session 3: Quantitative Methods for Valuation

'Study Session 4: Economics for Valuation

'Study Session 5: FINANCIAL REPORTING AND ANALYSIS: Inventories and Long-Lived Assets

'Study Session 6: FINANCIAL REPORTING AND ANALYSIS: Inter-corporate Investments, Post-Employment and Share-Based Compensation

'Study Session 7: FINANCIAL REPORTING AND ANALYSIS: Earnings Quality Issues and Financial Ratio Analysis

'Study Session 8: Corporate Finance

'Study Session 9: Financing and Control Issues

'Study Session 10: Equity Valuation: Valuation Concepts

'Study Session 11: Equity Valuation: Industry and Company Analysis in a Global Context

'Study Session 12: Equity Investments: Valuation Models

'Study Session 13: Alternative Investments

'Study Session 14: Fixed Income: Valuation Concepts

'Study Session 15: Fixed Income: Structured Securities

'Study Session 16: Derivative Investments: Forwards and Futures

'Study Session 17: Derivative Investments: Options, Swaps and Interest Rate and Credit Derivatives

'Study Session 18: Portfolio Management: Capital Market Theory and the Portfolio Management Process

CFA Course Details

➣CFA Level 1 exam is conducted twice a year (June and December). CFA Level 2 and CFA Level 3 exams are conducted only in June.

➣Participant attempting CFA Level 1 in Dec would take 1.5 years to complete CFA, whereas a participant attempting CFA Level 1 in June will take a minimum of two years to complete the CFA Exam.

'Generally the format of the CFA Level II exam is perceived as a tough challenge

'CFA Level 2 exam has a total of 20 item set(Mini Cases) questions (Morning session: 10 item set questions and Afternoon session: 10 item set questions.

'Total of 120 Multiple choice Questions (6 in each item set)

'The CFA Level II exam is worth 360 points

'The 120 Level II items are equally weighted, 3 points each, with no penalty for incorrect answers

'CFA LEVEL 2 Test Centres in India: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkatta, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune.

CFA Level 2 Exam Pattern

CFA Level Session 1 Session 2 Total Questions (6 hours)
2 60 60 120

➣Applications of concepts would be tested

CFA LEVEL 2 Weightage

CFA Subjects/Curriculum CFA Level 2 breakdown
Ethics and Professional Standards 10%
Quantitative Methods 5-10%
Economics 5-10%
Corporate Finance 5-15%
Equity 20-30%
Alternative Investments 5-15%
Fixed Income 5-15%
Derivatives 5-15%
Portfolio Management 5-15%

CFA LEVEL 2 Preparation

The learning focus of the CFA Level II exam also changes, from knowledge and comprehension (Level I), to application and analysis. PACEgurus provide the CFA Level 2 Study materialin the form of CFA Level 2 videos spanning for more than 65 hours covering the entire CFA Level 2 curriculum specified by the CFA Institute. The videos also address the concepts involved in CFA Level 2 Question bank (set of questions provided at the end of each chapter of the CFA Level 2 books.

CFA LEVEL 2 Jobs and Careers

A person completing CFA Level 2 can look at positions like Research Analyst, Portfolio Manager, Financial Analyst, Investment Banking Analyst, Financial Advisor and many more in the field of Finance and Investments

CFA Test Centres

CFA Exam Test Centers at Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Kolkata, New Delhi and Mumbai

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Disclaimer:P.A.C.E gurus do not sell/distribute any study material of CFA (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3). P.A.C.E gurus only Helps, Trains and Guides students those who have registered and bought the study material from CFA Institute ( to prepare for the CFA exam. We are in no way associated with the CFA Institute.