EXCEL for Managers


Key Topics


EXCEL Window, Quick ribbon walkthrough, Auto fill, Creating formulas, Workbook and Worksheet management, Selecting, moving and copying data, Alignment, Font and other format options, Page setup, previewing

Quantitative Analysis using Formulas

Relative, Absolute and Mixed Cell references, Circular References, Basic Math and Statistic Functions, Date Functions, If, Logical functions, Lookup functions, Financial Formulas, Working with Range names, Using range names in formulas

Visual Representation (Charts)

Data Source, Chart Types, Moving and Sizing, Adding and formatting chart elements, Chart style, colours, Customized Sparklines

Working with Tables (Large volumes)

Freezing, EXCEL Tables, Styles, Sorting, Filtering, Table aggregation, Conditional Formatting

Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

Creating and Modifying, Filtering, Slicing, Calculated Field, Formatting, Power Pivot, Pivot Charts

What if Analysis

One variable and two variable data table, Goal Seek, Scenario Manager, Scenario summary reports, Solver, Optimization

Advanced Functions

Nested Logical function, Match, Index, Advanced Filtering, Database functions, Loan amortization, Other Finance functions

Statistical Functions

Conditional, Relative standing, Central Tendency, Dispersion, Analysis tool pack, ANOVA, Covariance, Histogram

Multiple Sheets

Grouped worksheets, Hyperlinks, 3-D formula, Linking workbooks, Auditing, Watch window, Data Validation

Other Key features

Sub totals, Outlines, Grouping, Ungrouping, Importing external data, Text to Columns, Text Functions, Auto fill


Changing Properties, Sharing, Merging workbooks, Comments, Tracking changes, Saving formats, Protection, Templates

Introduction to Macros

Creating, Macro Buttons, Macro security, Basic VBA – Sub procedure, Function

Faculty Profile


➤Customized Training using Data sets in a case study model. EXCEL formulas and EXCEL shortcuts will be given more importance

FEES for Corporates

Based on the syllabus, contents and other requirements for the corporate training, scope with detailed inclusions and exclusions along with the fee will be shared.