Importance of Business Analytics

Though Analytics was well known since long its significant importance in the business field has been realized only in recent times in such a cutthroat business environment. Organizations having extensive data depend on Business Analytics for profitability increase, finding potential customers, decision making, cost reduction and many more operational aspects. Critical and Analytical thinking, Problem Solving approach, Machine Learning, Data Analysis and Decision making are the five key skills that drive the need for better analytics. Analytics refers to tool application, historical data analysis based on statistical methods and Quantitative analysis to give powerful insights on past performance thus aiding to improve business strategies and operations.

Business Analyst or Data Scientist play a vital role in modern organizations and having a thorough knowledge of tools is very important to make absolute use of data for strategic planning and control, building economic models, understanding trends and forecasting prospect business opportunities.

Why R?

➤ R is flexible and powerful interactive statistical Language for data structures, graphics, missing values and many more important aspects of data analysis that is free to download.

➤ R is an open sourced programming language well known for its versatility (the only software to run on MAC).

➤ R packages developed in-house by the company are given free which are improvised by the Data Scientists by writing codes for specific tasks.

➤ R can be integrated with Python, MATLAB, EXCEL and many more. REXCEL add-in allows access to R from within EXCEL.


➤ EXCEL software application is a primary tool for professionals working with lots of numbers performing formula based calculations

➤ Visual Basic for Applications – Programming platform allows spreadsheet manipulation and interaction with EXCEL spreadsheet

➤ EXCEL is an end user computer tool features and benefits include charts, conditional formatting, helpful in identifying trends in data, importing texts and images and decision making.

➤ EXCEL is used for diverse functions like Accounting, Financial Analytics, Marketing, Product Management, Human Resource Planning, Trading, Forecasting and many more

BUSINESS ANALYTICS Trainings and Consulting


Advanced Data Analysis – EXCEL


Operational DASHBOARDS

Project Management

Business Intelligence

Predictive Modeling

Charts and Graphs

Management Reporting

Spreadsheet Modeling for Decision Making

Demand Forecasting

Forecasting Analytics

Data Modeling Power Pivot


Statistics for Managers

Statistics for Business

Customer Analytics

Project Management Analytics

Root Cause Analysis

Probability and Statistics

Understanding Basic SQL

Research Methodology

Understanding Ruin Theory

Data Mining


Basic Statistics using SPSS

Intermediate Statistics using SPSS


Basic Data Analytics using R

R for Understanding Statistics

Quality Control using R

HR Analytics using R

Marketing Analytics with R

Financial Analytics with R

Machine Learning with R

Advanced Predictive Analytics with R

Faculty Profile

Approach towards Analytics Trainings and Consulting:

➤ Understand the need and requirement of training.

➤ Creating a customized case study by collecting the necessary inputs from the organization.

➤ Line up a mutually acceptable training schedule.

➤ Thereof, conducting the training program for the duration and concepts agreed upon.

Corporate Clients

We have corporate clients from Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Delhi and many other cities GMR Mytrah Energy Dr.Reddy's Laboratories ICAI Yes Bank NADP (Ministry of Defense) and many more