To be an Actuary

Actuarial Exam is conducted in Sep/Oct by Institute of Actuaries of India (IAI)/Institute and Faculty of Actuaries(IFoA) UK/Society of Actuaries(SOA) US/Intitute of Actuaries of Australia.

Actuaries are professionals, who apply Statistical and Mathematical methods in order to measure, assess, manage and forecast uncertainty of risks in Investments, Pension Funds, Insurance, Health Care, Reinsurance and many more areas by applying Probability, Financial Theories and Actuarial Tables.

To be an Actuary, a student requires an in-depth knowledge on interrelated subjects like Economics, Financial Mathematics, Statistics, Probability Theory, Finance, Financial Economics, Insurance and Investments.

An actuary needs to evaluate, manage and provide financial advice using his knowledge on Business, Economics, Mathematical and Statistical techniques to assess probability of occurrence of a risk and its financial consequence.


ACET Exam(Mathematical Foundation and Statistics)

CT1 Financial Mathematics and Exam FM

CT2 Financial Reporting

CT3 Probability and Exam P

CT4 Models

CT5 Life and Health Contingencies

CT6 Statistics

CT7 Economics

CT8 Financial Economics and Exam MFE

CA1 Actuarial Risk Management

ST6 Investment


Training right from Basics and Focus on Conceptual Clarity

Faculty - Mr. Vamsidhar (PGDM - IIM Indore, FIAI, CERA, FRM and PRM)

Illustrations using spread sheet wherever applicable to explain the concept

Good number of numerical questions solved with detailed explanations


Actuarial Jobs and Actuarial Consulting Careers require good understanding of Financial Mathematics. Anyone who wants to pursue Actuarial Studies can take up this course as a preparation material for the exams. This course also forms a good learning platform for students wishing to pursue Financial Engineering from reputed universities across the world.

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