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Actuarial Sciences

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ACET (Actuarial Common Entrance Test) is conducted by Institute of Actuaries of India twice in a year, Months: April and October.

To know more about ACET exam its Enrollment and Registration, Actuarial Sciences Certification, who is called an Actuary and their Job Profile visit IAI (Institute of Actuaries of India)

Training Highlights

1. Training right from Basics and Focus on Conceptual Clarity

2. Faculty - Mr. Vamsidhar Ambatipudi IIM Alumnus, FIAI, CERA, FRM and PRM

3. Click on ACET for Complete training videos of (Mathematics Foundation and Statistics) part for free.

Algebra 117 Mins
Complex Numbers 33 Mins
Differentiation 42 Mins
Integration 97 Mins
Mathematical constants and standard Formulas 45 Mins
Matrices 62 Mins
Notation 63 Mins
Numerical Methods 48 Mins
Vectors 24 Mins
Types of Data 117 Mins
Complex Numbers 13 Mins
Statistical Diagrams 122 Mins
Measures of Central Tendency 115 Mins
Measures of Spread 41 Mins
Symmetry and Skewness 24 Mins
Probability Concepts 83 Mins
Advanced Probability 113 Mins
Discrete and Continuous Random Variables 42 Mins
Permutations and Combinations 18 Mins
Discrete Probability Distributions 68 Mins
Continuous Distributions 103 Mins
Normal Distribution 79 Mins
Correlation and Regression 80 Mins

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